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  • About Touch Yoga, John and Michelle
  • We describe what ananda, bliss, means to us.
  • Samples of John and Michelle's art
  • We describe what bhakta, devotion, means to us.
  • Our classes, schedule, and pricing
  • Experience an ancient practice that transports you out of time into the quiet, sacred space within…a place of infinite energy and stillness.
  • We describe what jnana, wisdom, means to us.
  • Samples of John's photography
  • Samples of John's poetry
  • Where we teach
  • Samples of Michelle's photography
  • Samples of MIchelle's Poetry
  • Samples of our music
  • We describe what prema, love, means to us.
  • We describe what rachna, creativity, means to us.
  • We describe what satya, truth, means to us.
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