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We believe that satya, truth, means finding one's path amidst many possible paths and being brave enough to follow it.  We believe that living our truth means being who we are.  None of us can do it wrong.  There is space in the universe for many truths, and our own truth can be found by sitting down and being quiet. 

"One should not engage in theological disputes; there is room for many different viewpoints, and no single viewpoint is the final truth. One should reflect, instead, on the means to awaken devotion, and one should engage oneself in the practice of those means."  - Bhakti Sutras

"There is no weapon more powerful in achieving the truth than acceptance of oneself." - Swami Prajnanpad


Satya - Truth


"...there is space in the universe for many truths”

"Appear as you are,
Be as you appear."~Rumi