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Yoga Teacher


Where do I begin?  How do I begin?


Even as I attempt to choose words,

I see myself failing desperately in my efforts.


I am not the same person I was.

Yet I somehow feel like the person I really am.

(And I do know there is more change to come.)


I wish You could see all I have to say

in the rhythm of this heart that has

been opened…

and that You have had a guiding hand in opening.


I wish You could hear it

in the joyous ringing of my voice.


I wish You could merely touch my hand

and feel my message.


I wish You could sense it in the new calmness and

stillness of my mind.


You may then understand, and so I would not have

to try and find these many inadequate words.


You said:  “The good teacher points at the moon, and says:

look at the moon, not at my hand.”


The good teacher also points with the hand until the student

can find the shining moon through the cover of the clouds.

I know the moon is there, I just need some help finding it again.

And even though I may catch a glimpse of the moon,

I sometimes need my teachers to keep pointing for a while.


And I need my teachers to understand the depth of my gratitude.


Thank You for pointing to the moon…

for being the teacher You are,

for Your voluminous, baritone Om,

flowing warm embrace,

enfolding us in safety and love.

Genuine, radiant, encouraging, and transforming.

Bringing calm and peace.

Inviting us to unite with the energy of the universe.


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