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A Perfect World (Inspired By You)


In a perfect world

people find Love

with the surprise and delight

of the first flower of Spring.


In a perfect world

Love survives

wins life’s battles

like that Spring flower…

   through the early changes of nature’s temperatures

   sun and heat; chill and thaw

   pounding rains that beat it into the soil

   unaware footsteps crushing its petals and leaves.


And still it blooms and sheds seeds;

nurtured and nourished by the life of the sun

and the drops of rain

and the soil that embraces it.


It remains to be admired by

buzzing bees, scurrying creatures, appreciative onlookers,

eager for its survival,

in awe of the miracle of its beauty and purpose.


In a perfect world the spreading seeds bloom

and the vibrant colours of Spring take over

the dull landscape

blanketing it in beauty.


And the people draw in their breath

with astonishment

and gratitude.


It is a perfect world.

Love is found.

Love survives – Love is the victor

with tears and laughter, pain and bliss…


It blooms and shares its joy with the world

so in need of it

so desperate for a glimpse

of even seconds of this perfect world.



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