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We believe ananda, bliss, is a natural, heightened state of being, beyond joy that resides within each of us.  We experience bliss through many different practices, observances, and creative processes.  We feel it when we dissolve into the overwhelming beauty of nature, through the deep release of yoga and meditation, when we are “out of our minds” chanting mantra, and dancing at Kirtan, when we gather with others in devotional worship (Satsang),  when we  surrender to creative processes (art, music, cooking), when we lose our “selves” in love.


"Bliss is a taste, a feel, and so overwhelming and so intense, that once you have got it you cannot believe how you have been missing it all along: “I cannot figure it out because it is simply there. It was always there; how did I manage to miss it for so many lives?”" - Osho


Love came and it made me empty.
Love came and it filled me with the Beloved. It became the blood in my body,
It became my arms and my legs. It became everything!
Now all I have is a name, the rest belongs to the Beloved.



 "Devotional singing induces in you a desire for experiencing the truth, to glimpse the beauty that is God, to taste the bliss that is the Self.  It encourages man to dive into himself and be genuinely his real Self." - Sri Sathya Sai Baba


Ananda - Bliss


“We experience bliss through many different practices”

“What is this bliss, this sweet intoxication known to lovers of God?" - Llewellyn  Vaughan-Lee