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Why Touch Yoga?

We are two yogi’s, partners, lovers, and friends. We have a desire to create an entity that reflects who we are and who we can become, that is greater than each of us, and that represents the best in us as human beings, as pilgrims, and as practitioners and holders of a beautiful lineage of Kripalu yoga.

An intention was released to the universe to find a name that could act as the container for our vision, as well as exist to challenge us to continually evolve and expand. 

The name came in a dream. Touch Yoga. It was the perfect name .

Touch Yoga reflects our belief that yoga is expressed in many ways and touches all aspects of life.   While it is often perceived to be practiced on a mat, yoga also happens off the mat. We want to discover the many ways we can step off the mat and walk and dance the journey of life. We want to learn and practice breathing, relaxing, feeling, watching, allowing and letting go daily as we move through our lives. We want to learn and practice being aware and present -body, mind and spirit-as we move through our days at home with family, while at work, while cooking food, folding laundry, or taking care of the yard, while playing music, and while chatting with another while waiting in line. We want to surrender to life as “meditation in motion”. We want to touch others and invite others to join us in this way of being and living. 

Touch is a fundamental human physical experience. From the moment we are born until we die, we need to be touched and to touch others. Touch is relational. The act of physically connecting with another person or object often transcends the boundaries of our skin. It moves into us, “touching our heart”, “touching our spirit”.

Wrote Rumi, one of our favourite teachers, “There is some kiss we want with our whole lives, the touch of Spirit on the body.

Touch is transformational. Who we are and who we become is the product of all the relationships that touch our lives-with people, animals, trees, streams, rocks, music, and art. The company we keep shapes who we are. Touch Yoga represents some of our most important relationships with life.

We invite you to touch us with your life, and to join us on this journey.


Breathe.  Relax.  Let Go.


"Breathe.  Relax.   

Devote yourself  

Let go of your Self.



Breathe.  Relax.  


Let go of Separation.



Breathe.  Relax.   

Be Blissful 

Let go of holding back



Breathe.  Relax.   

Experience Truth 

Let go of right and wrong.



Breathe.  Relax.  

 Get Wise 

Let go of the need to know.



Breathe.  Relax.   

Be Creative 

 Let go of others’ version of reality. 



Breathe.  Relax.

 Let go

 Touch Yoga. "

 - Michelle